About Us

Blackhall Studios offers complete services for all types and sizes of productions – from small independent films to scripted television series to tent pole movies. The ever-expanding in-town Atlanta studio complex spans nearly 150 acres across two adjacent campuses.


Productions on a large scale require a studio with the sound stages, mill spaces and office real estate to accommodate full cast, crew and staff. Blackhall has made these amenities front and center. The nine sound stages at Blackhall Studios range in size from 19,200 to 38,400 SQ. FT. with ceiling heights of 40 feet. Mill space, special effects and storage space total 175,000 SQ. FT. on the main campus and 400,000 SQ. FT on the expanded Blackhall East campus. Production teams can access 10,000 SQ. FT. of office space in the studio’s main complex plus 31,000 SQ. FT of production bungalows. An additional 36,000 SQ. FT. of space on the Blackhall East campus allows for even more production flexibility.


Blackhall Studios is conveniently located less than 10 miles from Atlanta-Hartsfield Jackson International Airport – the world’s busiest with hourly flights to all major cities – and only 20 miles from the smaller DeKalb-Peachtree Airport which can accommodate private luxury jets.


The studio’s strategic location places talent and crew only minutes away from the centers of city life – near Midtown, East Atlanta and Inman Park neighborhoods and Atlanta’s luxury accommodations such as the Ritz Carlton, St. Regis and the Four Seasons. The studio is readily accessible to the city’s award-winning, celebrity chef-driven restaurants and high-end shopping destinations.

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Stages and Backlots


1 – 7: Dimensions – 120′ x 160′ x 40′
8: Dimensions – 120′ x 240′ x 40′
9: Dimensions – 160′ x 240′ x 40′

Stage Attributes

  • Wi-Fi throughout facility and stages with speeds up to 1 GB up and down
  • Stages 1 – 7: 4,800 Amps of 120/208; Stages 8 and 9: 9,600 Amps of 120/208
  • HVAC
  • Elephant doors on two sides of each stage

Main Studio Lot

  • Ample parking for cast trailers and working trucks
  • 175,000 SQ. FT. of facilities for set design/production, special effects, storage, and office space
  • 41,000 SQ. FT. of office space for productions
  • Mill space has 16 loading docks and a weight station for tractor trailers
  • Surface parking for production vehicles
  • Twenty-four hour security

Blackhall East Campus

  • Blackhall East sits on more than 20 acres with a 400,000 SQ. FT. warehouse with sections ranging in height from 24′ to 34′ to the trusses
  • Over 300 parking spaces, 5 acres of truck and basecamp parking
  • 3 acre asphalt pad with blue screen
  • 22,000 SQ. FT. truck maintenance facility
  • Over 14,000 SQ. FT. of office space

If you are interested in collaborations or use of our production facilities, please contact us at info@blackhallstudios.com

Blackhall East Campus

  • 400,000 SQ. FT. warehouse with sections ranging in height from 24′ – 34′ to the trusses
  • 3 acre asphalt pad
  • 5 acres of truck and basecamp parking
  • 22,000 SQ. FT. truck maintenance facility
  • Over 14,000 SQ. FT. in office space
  • Over 300 parking spaces

Blackhall East Campus

Main Building:
3475 International Park Drive SE, Atlanta, GA 30316
Maintenance Facility:
3495 International Park Drive SE, Atlanta, GA 30316

Small Film Financing

Have a great idea for a movie and looking for financing? Blackhall Studios can help.

Blackhall Studios offers financing, up to $5 million, for productions that raise at least 80 percent of their budget and spend at least $500,000 in the state of Georgia.

Simply upload a PDF or Word document including the following criteria for consideration:

  • Pitch Deck
  • Synopsis
  • Proposed cast
  • Production team bios
  • Budget (% of budget in Georgia)
  • Contacts for us to get in touch

    Upload File (PDF | Word - 10MB max.)

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    Contact Us

    Blackhall Studios is located minutes from both Atlanta-Hartsfield Jackson International Airport and downtown Atlanta.

    1415 Constitution Rd SE, Atlanta, GA 30316


    For general inquiries, contact info@blackhallstudios.com

    For stage leasing information and availability, contact eric@blackhallstudios.com

    Blackhall East Campus

    Main Building:
    3475 International Park Drive SE, Atlanta, GA 30316

    Maintenance Facility:
    3495 International Park Drive SE, Atlanta, GA 30316

    Blackhall Grove Campus

    3342 International Park Drive SE, Atlanta, GA 30316


    As a studio, we don’t directly accept job applications for film, television and crew positions. We recommend visiting the Georgia Film and TV Production website, where you can find job information for film/TV projects and submit your resume for consideration. To get started, please click here.

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      Why Georgia

      Georgia has quickly risen to become the top state in the country for the television and film industry, and the reasons why are plentiful.

      • Tax Incentives up to 30%
      • In addition to numerous studios, there are literally thousands of different locations to suit any production, such as mountains, forests, farmland, swamps, beaches, small town, large cities, etc.
      • More than 1,000 production suppliers and support companies
      • Atlanta-Hartsfield Jackson International Airport has hourly flights to cities across the world
      • Luxurious and plentiful accommodations for talent, along with high-end shopping and dining

      To learn more about why Georgia should be your next location, visit the Georgia Film, Music & Digital Entertainment Office page.